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Organizational habits

Till now we have thought that our brain cannot change due to 3 reasons: most of patients had not recovered from brain injury, we had no […]
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Leadership development is an indicator of mature society

Dr Alisa Miniotaitė, lecturer at the ISM University of Management and Economics as well as founder and head of ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY and an ICC coaching […]
ICC coaching congress - pasaulinis ICC koučingo kongresas

ICC International Coaching Congress 2019

All set for our 2019 World Coaching Congress in June 11-16, in Sweden! In one of the most beautiful and developed countries in the world, you […]

The problem with the workforce in the Baltic states could have reached the highest point

The problem with the availability of labor in the Baltic states could have reached the highest point at the moment, but the situation could change after […]

The manager–employee relationship

The manager–employee relationship Management and leadership can be approached on several tiers: First: The mutual relationship of manager–employee; Tier two: managing a team; Tier three: managing […]

Why women’s careers do not spread their wings?

– Can you imagine, – I am sharing the latest Harvard Business Review article with my eighteen-year-old son, – out of a hundred best CEOs in […]

The 4th industrial revolution. They will come to take us 

We are printing our wares with 3D printers, programming at the cellular level, transferring memories from the brain into cloud storage, growing human organs in laboratories, […]

Why we dislike success gurus?

Some are sweet and as cuddly as kittens, others have that ‘sexy’ image with their unbuttoned shirts and rolled-up sleeves, while some have a shriveled up, […]
Alisa Miniotaitė

Let’s put our heads together to find the best solution

If you want to soar high like a condor, you have got to have your feet planted firmly on the ground. That is what the Peruvians […]

EU funding for export development – participation in international trade fairs is funded

Lithuanian Business Development Agency has announced the invitation to apply for the funding under the measure „Naujos galimybės LT“ („New Opportunities LT“). The aim of the […]