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We are looking for the SENIOR ACCOUNTANT for our client - company of service belonging to large group of companies


  • competitive salary;
  • career opportunities in group companies;
  • work in professional team;
  • wonderful and benevolent work atmosphere;
  • safe and stable job position in solid organization;
  • opportunities of personal development, education, work experience in different companies.


  • managerial accounting according to valid legislation;
  • accounting of long-term and short-term property, funds, reserves, etc.;
  • tax declaration arrangement and confirmation;
  • arrangement and confirmation of statistical reports;
  • coordination of contracts, orders and methodical instructions;
  • annual stock taking organization;
  • invoice accounting for VAT;
  • expense account;
  • accounts payable;
  • accountig of well-timed financial-economical work results; declaring taxes;
  • other accounting and managing works assigned by General Manager.


  • university degree in Economics or Finance;
  • at least 2 years Account General experience;
  • excellent business accounting standards and knowledge of Republic of Lithuania tax laws;
  • inner motivation;
  • accuracy, dutifulness;
  • ability to work individually and in group.

Please send

Your CV with a reference “Senior Accountant” to career@amlaboratory.com till May 19, 2017.

Contact information

Elena Ciarbaite
Telefonas: +370 5 210 7 027
Address: Kestucio st. 47, 08124 Vilnius, Lithuania

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