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Pardavimų treneris (-ė), Ryga

ICC Koučingo mokymai

Coaching training

Two modules: 2017 02 02-05 ir 2017 03 09-12, Vilnius

You will learn

  • Tactical coaching – how to make the most difference in one session.
  • How to conduct strategic coaching over a long time frame.
  • Skills to help clients find more satisfying lives.
  • Developing and using your intuition.
  • How to work with your client’s goals.
  • Working with the client’s highest values.
  • Formulating action plans that work.
  • How to conduct the all important first session.
  • The powerful questions that change clients’ lives and WHEN to use them.
  • How to help a client through their fears and mental blocks.
  • How to market your coaching.
  • The ethical guidelines of coaching.
  • The Art of listening and the levels of listening..
  • Working with and changing clients’ limiting beliefs.
  • Developing your own coaching style.
  • How to make requests and challenges, and design tasks.
  • Systemic thinking to find the leverage point in your coaching .

Training benefits

  • ICC coaching training – A chance to enjoy a fantastic training, gain new skills and join the International community.
  • organization leaders use coaching methods to develop and purify a vision, to define objectives and priorities for the preparation for action plan, deal with important questions of life.
  • coaching method for middle managers - is a tool to work with subordinates: delegating, motivating, providing feedback, team building.
  • the most important - you will become coachers for themselves and know how to work with yourself. You will know your strenghts and weaknesses, how to overcome internal barriers, provisions and hindering doubts, you will have energetic and positive attitude.

Training Cost

  • Training Cost - 1500 Euro.
  • If you registrate and pay until 20 of November, you get 20 percent discount, and 10 percent - until 06 of January.
The Training cost includes two 8-day modules, ICC coaching certificate and participant's material. 

It is for

  • Coaching training is for those who want to become professional coaches and managers at all levels. This training is for professionals who want to increase their internal resources, awareness, responsibility and motivation. It is also for artists who want to liberate their talent, creative potential and to realize their development techniques.


Dr. Alisa Miniotaite

Alisa is a member of Academy of Management and International Leadership Association, lecturer in the ISM University of Management and Economics, has done internship in Danish, Norwegian and US universities. Alisa‘s area of research and professional interests is management and leadership, organizational behavior and personal effectiveness. More than 10 years Alisa consults Lithuanian and foreign companies, provides training for their employees, she is a certified international coach, one of the forty ICC coaching trainers in the world who have the right to teach and certify coaches. Alisa takes interest in art, she is a passionate skier, mother of 5 children, volunteers as a tutor of young leaders in educational organizations.
Become a certified ICC coacher.

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