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HP Promoter

We are looking for the HP Promoter for our client – leading IT product distributor in the Baltic countries


  • competitive salary and bonuses depending on sales results;
  • work in an international team of IT & sales professionals;
  • job with the major global IT product manufacturers and their teams;
  • opportunities of personal development and education;
  • career opportunities;
  • flexible schedule.


  • higher education, preferably IT, management or economics area, could be a student of last courses;
  • not less than 2 year experience in merchandizing, retail sales;
  • marketing knowledge (preference);
  • excellent communication skills;
  • excellent analytical thinking skills;
  • good knowledge of English and Russian languages;
  • result orientation, inner motivation;
  • good teamwork skills.


  • up-to-date vendor market knowledge and evaluation of market research data (GFK and IDC? reports, Retailer accounts shelf-share data);
  • promoters’ activities and goals review yearly. Yearly new goal-setting and quarterly planning activities for local market.
  • yearly, quarterly and monthly Go to market product marketing plans presented to vendor on time (Business Planning forms to be agreed with superior);
  • up-to-date TOP 5 Vendor customers knowledge (purchasing behavior, amounts and product marketing activities);
  • retail trainings and visitations plans provided to the vendor.
Product Marketing:
  • develop the core positioning and messaging for the products;
  • ensure that all attended retailers are active and buy HP products every month. Not less than 100% from the list;
  • check historical data and act in order not to lose any customer; All lost customers must be reported quarterly to Business Unit Manager and Vendor representative with clear explanation of the reason;
  • at least four local incremental sales campaigns in a year. ROI;
  • at least two local attended retail managers visits per quarter and MoM follow up and summary for BUM and Vendor representative;
  • at least two product trainings for distributors sales force and six collective retail trainings in a year;
  • at least 50 stores visits per month: shelf on shelf concept, pictures, personal trainings, competitive environment, merchandising and salespersons’ feedback.
  • comments to BUM and Vendor representative regarding pricing level in the REGION;
  • 100% availability of product information for distributors’ sales force and retailers.
Follow up and reporting:
  • at least one weekly review meeting call with Vendor representative;
  • at least one monthly review meeting call with Promoters;
  • at least one weekly review meeting with local HPI PM.

Please send

Your CV with a reference “HP Promoter” to till June 14, 2017.

Contact information

Elena Ciarbaite
Telephone: +370 5 210 7 027
Address: Kestucio st. 47, 08124 Vilnius, Lithuania

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