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The problem with the workforce in the Baltic states could have reached the highest point

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The problem with the availability of labor in the Baltic states could have reached the highest point at the moment, but the situation could change after a year in favor of employers, said Alisa Miniotaite, the chairman of the board of the Lithuanian personnel selection company Alisa Management Laboratory, in an interview with LETA.

“The problem has developed over the last three years, but now it may have reached its highest point, it is very difficult to say what it will look like in the future, but it is very likely that the situation will not change for a few years. are those who dictate the rules on the labor market. If we remember that, it was exactly the same situation before the crisis in 2007 and 2008. This can not last long because companies have to make a profit and the labor costs are not the only ones that increase ” said A. Miniotaite.

“There will be a break at the point where employers are no longer able to pay salaries that employees want,” she added. The solution that can be seen in Lithuania is the arrival of workers from Ukraine and Belarus.

Lithuanian expert pointed out that high expectations are also associated with the return of emigrants in both Latvia and Lithuania. This is clear, but she doubted she would return to Mass at the same time, because wages are not the only incentive.

“Yes, we see that there is a return, but it is still more patriotic than economic reasons: people miss their birthplaces, families, and they return, but we have to admit that in smaller cities, rural areas receive the same salary as If you If you are a plumber in Riga, then your reimbursement may be quite similar. “Moreover, when we talk about emigration, money is a serious factor, but it is not the only one.” I think the same reasons are important. find themselves in the labor market here, or that they can trust the social system Both Latvia and Lithuania still have major problems with social security, the level of trust in society” – mentioned A. Miniotaite.

“We all know that people in the labor market after their 45th are no longer particularly successful: if you remain unemployed at 45, you run the risk: if you lose your job after 50 years, you are just as far away from the labor market. This is a problem, and we all know it, these social problems are also part of the reasons for emigration” said a specialist.

Alisa Miniotaite also pointed out that it is not only necessary to find solutions to the current problems on the labor market, but also to the demographic situation, as predictions suggest that the number of inhabitants in all Baltic states will decrease. “There are currently three options: one is to recall the emigrants, but as I said earlier, why people still do not return, are not just economic reasons Social security and relationships between members of the public are also important, but is still a chance The second option is to hire older people more, it is also a difficult task, because we all know that if a person has no work for a year or two, it is not easy to integrate again The third option, and it is most likely, is immigrants from other countries – most likely from the former USSR and Asia, and I think we will not survive without extra labor potential” – A. Miniotaite said.


The problem with the workforce in the Baltic states could have reached the highest point



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