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How To Manage Stress and Successfully Resolve Conflicts?

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Stress management training - How to manage stress and successfully resolve conflicts

Remote, convenient time, Lithuania

You will learn

  • 4 essential dimensions of emotional intelligence;

  • Build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding;

  • Principles of listening and constructive feedback;

  • Recognize and manage your emotions;

  • Understand other people’s states and emotions;

  • Seek agreements in a sustainable way;
  • Discover the balance between empathetic leadership and a hard fist.

Training benefits

  • You will be able to better understand others and build and maintain relationships;
  • Get to know and manage emotions, solve difficult situations and conflicts;
  • You will acquire basic tools for managing emotional intelligence;
  • You will be more resilient to stress, you will make calmer decisions;
  • You will strengthen self-motivation;
  • You will become a more productive leader.

About training

In this training you will develop the main competencies of emotional intelligence: self-knowledge and management, motivation, empathy, skills of strengthening relationships with people. In the program, participants learn to recognize, name and manage their feelings, motivate themselves and others, overcome stress, resolve conflicts, and get out of difficult situations in a healthy and sustainable way. Training includes practical, hands-on tasks, participants analyze personal and work situations, test different models of emotional competencies, create a personal map of emotional intelligence development, which will help to become a better friend, partner, employee and leader.

Lecturer (Lithuania)


Trainer and lecturer specializing in sales, team motivation and hosting team events. Simonas is certified ICC Coach. He has 15 years of experience in sales execution, organization and management in the US, European and CIS regions. After finishing his studies in the US (George Mason University), he continued them in the ISM University of Management and Economics where he got master‘s degree in international economics and management. Simonas professional areas of specialization: corporate sales, individual sales and the art of negotiation. Since the early childhood Simonas has been singing in the choir, writes music, is a great dancer, organizes thematic camps for his colleagues and clients.

Lecturer (Latvia)


Ieva Kovalenoka is a coach having a background in psychology and HR management. Over a decade of working in HR within corporate environments, Ieva has been dedicated most to employee relations, personnel development and organisation psychology. Ieva believes that there is always something to learn from every experience. She chooses to learn through a variety of methods from listening to podcasts and reading, through to attending courses and even through participating in seemingly random conversations. She is engaged with different techniques and methods which she is applying into her own life and is eager to share with others. Ieva has great sense of humour, positive approach towards life, tolerance and natural gift to inspire others. “The best time for doing is now” - this is a motto of Ieva

Service price

The cost of training for an individual participant

  • 240 Eur without VAT
  • The price of the training includes: three 1.5 hour sessions, training materials, tasks for participants, individual lecturer's attention, question-answer session, feedback and recommendations.

For a group of company employees

  • "How to manage stress and resolve conflicts successfully?" trainings can also be conducted for the company's team of employees, we coordinate the time and duration of the trainings individually.


Who is it for?

Training is for everyone who works among people and with people.

Duration of training

3 sessions of 1.5 hours

Registration for the Seminar

More information by e-mail or phone numbers: +371 24 203 300 (Latvia) +370 6 677 0333 (Lithuania)

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