The service „Stepping Into Labour Market“ is a professional service for executives and specialists who seek employment in the labour market.

Target group

The service is intended for:

  • specialists who have worked in a company for a long period and need help in finding another job;
  • executives who want to find a new job or change the job;
  • employees who have been fired unexpectedly;
  • companies that plan reorganization and firing employees. The service can be bought for the employees in order to amortize the impact of dismissal and help to find a new job. It is a socially responsible solution for organizations.

Structure of Services

The service “Stepping Into Labour Market” includes:

  • job interview;
  • evaluation of the individual (testing); definition of personal strengths and features for development of the client;
  • review of CV together with the recruitment specialist; the recommendations on the amendment of CV are provided hereafter;
  • consultation on the labour market in the Baltic States, how to search for a job and better introduce oneself to potential employers;
  • coaching session on the person’s future – establishing goals and choosing the career path.

Service structure:

  1. Interview about personality, personal experience, career, wishes – 30 minutes;
  2. Review of CV together with the specialist – 15 minutes;
  3. Testing and evaluation – 45 minutes;
  4. Feedback after testing and evaluation – 30 minutes;
  5. Coaching session – 60 minutes.

The service shall be provided to the client in two meetings duration of 1,5 hours each or in three meetings duration of 1 hour each.

With a larger number of employees, the service can be combined with group training and individual counseling.

Service price – 240 Euros.

Service Result and Impact

After the service the client:

  • has fine and competitive CV;
  • knows his/her strengths and features for development; can realistically see and take his/her opportunities in the labor market;
  • knows what is important for him/her in life;
  • is ready properly to participate in job interviews;
  • has a clear career path and an action plan developed;
  • feels empowered and willing to act in the labor market;
  • has knowledge of the situation in the labour market, what is important for employers; can see the labour market in the eyes of the employer;
  • his or her data remains in our database and we will offer his or her candidacy to interested employers.

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