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Training Lecturer, Estonia (till April 10, 2020)
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ICC Coaching Certification Training

Remote Team Management

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Remote-Team Management

Remote, convenient time, Lithuania

About training

Remote-team management training reflects to today’s business market situation: how to manage teams to work together remotely. In the training we cover the following topics:

  • Organization of remote work.
  • Rules to be agreed.
  • The role and powers of the management.
  • Team’s emotion management.
  • Mobilization of the team for a common goal.
  • Remote work “trips & tricks”.

During the training, participants have the opportunity to learn from a professional trainer, discuss, ask questions and obtain the necessary competencies for a long-term.

You will learn

  • How to manage team’s concerns in times of crisis.
  • Principles of remote-work organization.
  • Remote communication rules.
  • How to motivate employees and maintain team spirit.
  • As in a difficult period, together with the team to achieve the set goals.

Training benefits

  • You will become a leader who firmly organizes teleworking, motivates and achieves the goal together with the team.



Founder of ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY, operating in the Baltic States and Scandinavia; Head of the Leadership Module at ISM University of Management and Economics; certified ICC coaching trainer for the Baltics, member of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association; completed internships at Universities in Denmark, Norway and the USA. Alisa's research and professional interests include management and leadership, organizational behavior. For more than 15 years, Alisa has been consulting Lithuanian and foreign companies, conducting trainings for their employees.

Training cost

The cost of training for an individual participant

  • 120 Eur without VAT.
  • The training price includes: 2 hour training, training material, lecturer's attention, question-answer session, feedback and recommendations.

For a group of company employees

  • Training can also be conducted for the company's employee team; we coordinate the time and duration of the trainings individually.


Who is it for?

Remote-team management training is intended for companies, departments, team managers, specialists, who have to organize work remotely, lead teams, motivate people and achieve goals together.


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or phone numbers +370 6 677 0333

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