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Introductory ICC Coaching Seminar
Leader’s Dilemma. Alisa Miniotaitė. Time For Oneself. Commentary is published in the news radio show Leader’s Dilemma and news page 15min.lt.
Leader’s Dilemma: Time For Oneself

Effective Management Training

Effective Management Training

Effective Management Training

The training consists of 3 days, Vilnius
2021 10 13-14 and 11 09

Training benefits

  • We will work with each executive to strengthen main leadership skills;
  • Enabling each participant to self-assess their leadership skills and creating a plan to strengthen them;
  • Strengthen and develop specific leadership skills;
  • Developing the personality of the leader by promoting self-knowledge and the growth of emotional intelligence competencies.

Training impact

  • You will feel more confident as a team leader;
  • Strengthening team leadership competencies;
  • Team members will trust you more;
  • Getting to know each employee better, understanding the dynamics of team behavior;
  • You will know and be able to master the tools of team leadership;
  • You will achieve the overall goal of the organization easier and faster.

Who is it for?

Practical management training is aimed at the top managers of organizations, middle managers - anyone who wants to strengthen or improve their leadership skills.

Training program

Training Lecturer


Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė - ISM University of Management and Economics, Master of Management, Leadership Module Manager, Founder of ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY; certified ICC coaching coach for the Baltics, member of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association, internships at Universities in Denmark, Norway and the USA. Alice's research and professional interests include leadership and leadership, organizational behavior.

Alisa hosts the news radio show "Leader's Dilemma" for managers and leaders, and prepares comments for Lithuanian and foreign news portals.

For more than 15 years, Alisa has been consulting Lithuanian and foreign companies, leading training for their employees.

Service price

  • 720 Eur without VAT.
  • If registering until August 20th - 10% discount valid.
  • If registering until September 20th - 5% discount valid.


  • Individual coaching session;
  • Materials for the participant, coffee breaks, lunch, work tools.

Register Today

More information by e-mail info@amlaboratory.com
or phone numbers +370 667 70333

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