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Open ICC Coaching Seminar

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Open ICC Coaching Seminar

2020 11 16, Vilnius
2020 11 30, Vilnius

During this seminar

  • you will get to know with International Coaching Community (ICC);
  • you will learn about ICC coaching and what are the differences;
  • you will learn about how coaching works, what are coaching tools and methods;
  • you will clarify what to expect during 8-day long coaching training;
  • you will have opportunities to ask any questions concerning coaching or coaching training.

Benefits of this seminar

  • first encounter with ICC coaching;
  • opportunity to decide which coaching training to choose;
  • opportunity to start your own activity as professional certified ICC coach.

Seminar Cost

Price: 15 eur + VAT

The seminar will begin at 4:30 p.m. Duration - 1.5 hour.

Seminar will take place in: „ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY“, A. Goštauto g. 40B, Vilnius.

Seminar is for

  • Individuals, who want to know about coaching and its methods, and who want to get more knowledge about ICC coaching community, who are considering, which coaching training to choose.
  • People, who want to make a change in their personal or professional life, who want to achieve their goals, live a conscious life and be the authors of their own life. 



Trainer for Baltic countries

Dr. Alisa Miniotaite

Alisa is a member of Academy of Management and International Leadership Association, lecturer in the ISM University of Management and Economics, has done internship in Danish, Norwegian and US universities. Alisa‘s area of research and professional interests is management and leadership, organizational behavior and personal effectiveness. More than 10 years Alisa consults Lithuanian and foreign companies, provides training for their employees, she is a certified international coach, one of the forty ICC coaching trainers in the world who have the right to teach and certify coaches. Alisa takes interest in art, she is a passionate skier, mother of 5 children, volunteers as a tutor of young leaders in educational organizations.


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