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Introductory ICC Coaching Seminar

ICC Koučingo mokymai introductory coaching seminar koučinga seminārs

Introductory ICC Coaching Seminar

2022 01 10, Vilnius

During this seminar

  • will get to know what is International Coaching Community (ICC);
  • will learn about ICC coaching and what are the differences from ICF;
  • how coaching differs from mentoring, counseling, therapy;
  • get acquainted with the value and philosophy created by coaching;
  • will learn about how coaching works, what are coaching tools and methods;
  • will find out what the competencies of a professional coach are;
  • we will clarify what to expect during 8-day long coaching training;
  • opportunities to ask any questions concerning coaching or coaching training.

Benefits of this seminar

  • first encounter with ICC coaching;
  • assess whether coaching would be a suitable profession for you;
  • opportunity to decide which coaching training to choose;
  • understanding the benefits of coaching in business and personal life;
  • you will understand the coaching methodology and its application in various situations.

Seminar is for

Introductory coaching seminar is for individuals, who want to know about coaching and its methods, want to get more knowledge about ICC coaching community, who are considering, which coaching training to choose. Also, people, who want to make a change in their personal or professional life, who want to achieve their goals, live a conscious life and be the authors of their own life. 

Trainer for Baltic Countries

Dr. Alisa Miniotaite

Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė - ISM University of Management and Economics, Master of Management, Leadership Module Manager, Founder of ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY; certified ICC coaching coach for the Baltics, member of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association, internships at Universities in Denmark, Norway and the USA. Alice's research and professional interests include leadership and leadership, organizational behavior.

Alisa hosts the news radio show "Leader's Dilemma" for managers and leaders, and prepares comments for Lithuanian and foreign news portals.

For more than 15 years, Alisa has been consulting Lithuanian and foreign companies, leading training for their employees.

International Coaching Community

The International Coaching Community uses the training programs and methodology created by Lambent. The Lambent coaching methodology was awarded with the European Quality Award (EQA) in 2010 by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) and has been used to train over 15,000 people in 78 countries since 2001.

Seminar Cost

Price: 15 eur + VAT

The price of the seminar includes: tasks for participants and question-answer session.

When and where

Introductory ICC Coaching Seminar is taking place on the 10th of January

Start of the seminar: 16:30 (UTC/GMT +3 hours)  

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