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Alisa Miniotaitė: Spiritual Leadership is a way to show meaning

Why am I talking today about spiritual leadership? Perhaps the hand arises, observing managers and leaders motivating people by means of external motivation: career, salary, one […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: The slipper of an unempathetic nation

Over the past month, there have been renewed reminders that we are one of the least empathetic nations in the world. Or maybe it’s just pulled […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: Women’s attitudes to careers are changing

Let’s start with the fact that attitudes to successful careers are changing around the world. A successful career is no longer just a high position and […]

Alisa Miniotaitė: How can a manager relieve piled-up fatigue?

In many countries, the mood is not the best at the moment. Not only Lithuanians but also neighbors – Latvians, Estonians, Poles – complain about the […]

Alisa Miniotaitė: Ingredients of Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and respond to another person’s feelings and experiences. The function of empathy in our brains evolved during the evolution process. […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: How to Grow a Leader?

Would I wish my kids to become leaders? Yes. Why? Let‘s start from the fact, that statistically, leaders are much more satisfied with their job: they […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: The Toxic Colors of Leadership

“Toxic” means poisonous. The effects of the poison are broad: from physical and mental health to the result of the department, team, organizational culture – relationships, […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: Can the leader show weakness?

How much the leader can show his weakness? This question quite often arises during discussions about leadership. Some people suggest approaching other people with an open […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: Is the leader without doubts – dangerous leader?

People like bright and strong leaders. Then they can take a breath: „There is somebody who will take care of me“. When we study and analyze […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: For what do we have to save enough energy

We all have 24-hours per day. It is interesting that this is the only thing that everybody owns equally but we use it so differently. All […]
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