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Who Are You: a Sprout, a Tool or a Partner?

Organizations can see an employee from three perspectives: as a resource-tool, as a partner, or as a sprout. Let us start from the beginning. The approach […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: How To Motivate an Employee

When I read one more article about employee motivation or I hear about one more employee motivation training course, I understand that theories and trainings actually do not explain or […]
Let's Play Honesty

Alisa Miniotaitė: Let’s Play Honesty

An interesting question is how much a manager or leader can be open with their employees or followers. It is often popular to say to be […]
But when you think about it… a person who has come a long way just tired, burned out, sat on a stump to rest. Let him sit, breathe, enjoy peace. Let them take the time. We are not needed.

Alisa Miniotaitė: Fatigue Of Life

Now it seems so long ago, wandering the streets of Arequipa, I sat in an unexpectedly cozy western café. At the back of the hall, leaning […]
carrot and stick

Alisa Miniotaitė: The Carrot and Stick Approach

I often get the question – is it a good guide who follows the principle of “carrot and stick.” It is also possible to extend – […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: I Post And I Feel Easier

Sometimes thoughts arise – I will sell everything, I will go and live elsewhere. Where the eyes go a long way, wildlife, and freedom. I will […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: Masters And Servants

“Chestnut divided the whole of humanity into two very unequal parts: the hosts and the customers; there was a fundamental difference between the two: the former […]
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Alisa Miniotaitė: I Do Not Want To Become A Better Version Of Myself

After work, in the evening in the supermarket loading goods from the shelves to the cart, I listen to the delivery from one private school through […]

What Signs Indicate That The Employee Is About To Leave The Job

The news that the employee is planning to leave the company, managers meet as if they are seeing snow in the middle of summer. A career […]
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A. Miniotaitė on leadership in the time of crisis: people need a behaviour scenario and a plan

In difficult situations, people are looking for a guide, a leader, someone to help them find answers and a plan of action. The society turns to […]