Leader’s Dilemma. Alisa Miniotaitė. Time For Oneself. Commentary is published in the news radio show Leader’s Dilemma and news page 15min.lt.
Leader’s Dilemma: Time For Oneself
Leader’s Dilemma. Alisa Miniotaitė. Leadership In A New Way. Commentary is published in the news radio show Leader’s Dilemma and news page 15min.lt.
Leader’s Dilemma: Leadership In A New Way

Leader’s Dilemma: Courage From The Couch

Leader’s Dilemma. Alisa Miniotaitė. Courage From The Couch. Commentary is published in the news radio show Leader’s Dilemma and news page 15min.lt.

Have you noticed that today there are plenty of brave – brave from the couch, those who do not risk anything?

They do not risk their well-being, sleepless nights, reputation, job loss.

The first group is sofa experts who explain how to work in a significant tone of the expert. For example:

  • teaches others to lead events and speak without ever getting on stage;
  • explains how to motivate employees, but has never tried it in practice;
  • knows how to govern the state, even if they bypass a position in a government even if someone offered it to them.

The second group is heralds of “truth” who pretend, or perhaps really think, that only they, no one else, can speak so boldly. But have you noticed that they are not risking anything by proclaiming this “truth”?

Almost no one will criticize them, comment “standing ovations” or bow their heads in approval.

It really takes courage to express a different opinion today: one can be severely criticized, rejected, and even lose one’s job.

Courage without risk is not courage.

Today, it is popular to criticize some officials, politicians, it is fashionable to support some and reject others. For example, in a certain group of people, a good tone is now to criticize, to belittle the President. Often these people, standing in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by like-minded people, shine loudly (“boldly”) and a significant face gives their opinion. Looking at them, I know that when the winds change and fashion turns, they will claim the opposite in the same way.

By the way, take advantage of public relations opportunities, create conditions for it to be fashionable to belittle your opponent and elevate you, and you will have a trump card in your hand for a long time. Some parties are doomed in the cities today because it would be terrible “in bad taste” to stand up for them – friends will not understand.

There is an abundance of courageous individuals on both sides, and at the same time, there is a tendency to see only their own and enemies. And the truth in the world is always more or less in the middle. There are always both good and worse works done by a particular person (or party), arguments for and against, opportunities to understand the views and motives of each side. It is great when the attitude depends on values, principles, and after all, it is often – on the benefit – as it is more useful for me now. And the benefits can be security or a ‘passport to opportunities’ – career opportunities. Do we really want to be able to express only an innovative, avant-garde approach?

Do we really want that, God forbid, no new idea, no word of progress to break through and shake the foundations of human tradition?

And criticizing is especially easy when nothing needs to be done. You risk nothing. Or maybe even the opposite – for a “well done” (without risking anything).

Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė is a management and leadership expert, founder of UAB ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY, Leadership Program Manager at ISM University of Management and Economics, certified ICC coach for the Baltic countries. 

Commentary is published in the news radio show Leader’s Dilemma and news page 15min.lt

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