Management and leadership

Management for beginners

Our experience shows that middle-level managers are often the weakest link in the organization staff. These are employees who work mostly as specialists and allocate not enough time to manage others. It is also due to the fact that these employees lack management skills: time planning and organization, delegation, team building, situational leadership. Our training focuses on these topics, managers also learn to get to know themselves and their personnel, delegate, motivate, develop team norms and create sustainable relationships with their subordinates.

Advanced management

When managers skillfully cope with time management and organization, have good skills in raising objectives and delegating, it is time go to the second level of management – coaching, team building, employee motivation, involvement and development, sharing leadership. These courses address more complex management issues by analyzing the experience of international research and practicies. Naturally, our goal for managers is to acquire and to put in practice the newly learned advanced management skills.


In the business world effectiveness of leadership is measured in financial indicators. Leader comes to create sustainable change. Leadership starts from our inner self. Innate energy? Possibly. Heart? Possibly. Maybe intelligence. Or maybe the will – that strong internal muscle without which it is impossible to achieve anything in life. It is a leader himself who finds the answers, we are here only to help. We specialize in the areas of authentic, shared and servant leadership.

Interesting and dynamic experiential training focuses on the key issues of leadership: myself, influence, vision, diadic leader-follower relationship, responsibility, team, trust, power.

After the training, leadership becomes a way of life and a source of joy. We create a long-term change.

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      Human resources management

      Whatever your company’s business – hotel chain, oil company, apparel factory, restaurant or law firm – organization’s culture must be nurtured and human resources managed in such a way that employee expectations and strategic business objectives coincide. It is a challenge that you can rise to with our help.

      Strategic employee recruitment and search

      Often, ensuring of human resources in the company is a reactive activity, as a response to unexpected human resource issues, independent of the organization’s strategy and external situation.

      In these training sessions we will explore strategic aspects of securing human resources, human resources recruitment contracts, outsourcing, hiring consultants, selection and search strategy: processes, methods, decision-making and issues of retaining personnel.

      In the course of the training, together we will develop the strategy of securing human resources that will be coherent with company objectives and become a crucial part of your success and business development.

      Employee performance management and talend development

      Your organization must secure employee replacement in the key positions, as well as manage talent development process, notice and retain the best people in the company.

      In these training sessions we will explore strategic aspects of personnel planning, core competencies in the organization, learning inside organization as well as issues of career development and talent management.

      Employee motivation

      Nowadays we are much more aware of employee motivation and job satisfaction. Employee well-being is receiving an unprecedented attention. There is a global attempt to explain the complex and dynamic relationship between general life satisfaction on one side and employee motivation and job satisfaction on the other.

      Employee motivation at work is particularly important for the organization. High employee motivation leads to the best results, encourages employee commitment, improves atmosphere at work, creates close interrelations, reduces staff turnover, and ultimately leads to a happy and fulfilling life for all of us.

      These training sessions will explore the needs of employees at work, job satisfaction and well-being. Together we will answer questions how the organization can encourage each member to realize their full potential, what should be employee motivation system, how to achieve employee motivation system that would be consistent with corporate human resources strategy.

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          Personal effectiveness

          Accumulated knowledge base and outstanding professional experience are no longer enough in the modern dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. Personal effectiveness shaped by the social skills becomes particularly relevant. In developing our social skills we become happier and are able to achieve more in both personal and professional life.

          Public speaking and presentation

          Often we get only five minutes to present the half-a-year work. Sometimes we have to convince all the participants of the meeting to accept our decision. Effective public presentation skills help to inspire tens, sometimes even hundreds of people, to become a person radiating trust and reliance.

          In this workshop we will practice easy management of verbal and nonverbal language, learn self-confidence and ways to relax, to articulate and convey a clear message, to influence and develop audience trust, will learn what creates tension and how to overcome it.

          Time planning and organization

          In these courses we will: get to know how our goals can become our roadmap to personal effectiveness, understand where we waste our time, learn to plan our time properly, to deal with the thieves of time, practice effective delegation skills, learn proper behavior with time wasting subordinates, colleagues and managers.

          After the training you will be able to manage your time properly and achieve professional and personal goals during the 5-day work week. You will work more efficiently, achieve more and reduce stress. The balance between work and personal life will become everyday reality.

          Self awareness and discovery

          In this workshop we will learn to acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses, character traits, to identify our feelings, desires, motivation, attitudes and values, respond to challenges calmly and positively, to get to know oneself fully and to act authentically as a consequence of self-awareness.

          After the training participants have higher self-acceptance and positive self-esteem, more easily create benevolent relationships with others, gain more autonomy, comprehend their goals in life and grow as persons by realizing their potential.

          Conflict management

          Conflicts are an integral part of our lives, an inevitable consequence of a complex, competitive and busy life. How we deal with our own and others’ ideas, views, needs and differences determines our quality of life and work. The ability to deal with conflicts effectively has always been and still is one of the most important skills of personal and team performance.

          The training program has been developed after the eight-step conflict management method of D.Weeks. After the training participants are able to create positive atmosphere, recognize and interpret people’s feelings, make future decisions based on lessons learned in the past, create opportunities for cooperation and reach a consensus.

          Stress management

          Many of us work in an insecure work environment full of unexpected events and we have to admit that there will be no development in this area in the nearest future. A constant stress affects organization’s success disturbs our personal and professional lives and health. Therefore, stress management is a necessary personal ability, which allows pursuing ones goals peacefully, living a healthy and fulfilling life.

          Stress management program has been prepared for us to recognize and understand what stress really is, also to find out how stress affects our decisions and how it affects different types of people, to learn individual stress management techniques, so we could walk our way peacefully.

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              Sales and negotiation

              Sales for beginners

              Training is intended for managers, who work in sales for the first year. In these training sessions participants will learn:

              • how to become a confident and motivated seller, focused on the success;
              • key sales principals;
              • to unfold the value created by the product;
              • how to offer a product to a buyer effectively by using product features and benefits, as well as emotions and logic;
              • to overcome doubts and close the sales;
              • to expand the customer base.

              Advanced sales

              Training is intended for experienced sales managers and executives.

              In these training sessions participants will learn:

              • to use new marketing methods and tools;
              • to understand sales process better and skillfully manage its stages;
              • to recognize customer needs and fulfill them;
              • to optimize their actions in order to get significant sales results;
              • to increase their influence at the time of sale;
              • to deliver the value of products or services to customer, creating mutual benefits.

              Art of negotiation

              The workshop aims to enhance participant skills in business negotiations that could be applied to everyday negotiation situations as well as dealing with substantial business arrangements.

              In this workshop we will learn:

              • to recognize customer interests;
              • to recognize emotions that “betray” us;
              • art of persuasion;
              • to put available contacts to full use;
              • to create alternative, mutually satisfactory solutions;
              • key negotiating tactics to achieve the objectives.

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                  Strategic management

                  Organizational values and culture

                  What should be the relationship between organizational culture and business context? How organizational culture must contribute to the management of changes? What are the key elements of organizational culture? What are the types of organizational culture? How organizations actually implement their values? What should be the relationship between organizational culture and business strategy?

                  In the training “Organizational values and culture” we are going to find answers to these essential questions together.

                  Strategic management

                  This training aims to provide professional managers an understanding of what is the strategy of an organization and what is its purpose, how organizations compete and how to create a competitive advantage; to discuss how strategy implementation can be ensured using balanced scorecards and to find out what is the role of middle managers in implementing corporate strategy.

                  Training topics:

                  • What is business strategy? How strategy differs from tactics? Why is it necessary? Overview of strategic management research in Lithuania and abroad. The hierarchy of strategies in organizations: corporate and business strategy.
                  • How do organizations compete? The essence of a strategy: establishing and retaining competitive advantage. The origin of competitive advantage and measurement. Understanding the value provided to the client and using this knowledge to create competitive advantage.
                  • How to implement a strategy? Balanced Scorecard model. Strategy map and measuring operational performance.
                  • Discussion of a business case. Implementation of a strategy: using strategy maps.
                  • Role of employees and managers in strategic management. Why not all strategies become reality? What should professionals and heads of departments do to help implement corporate strategy?

                  Innovation management

                  Training objective is to communicate the role of innovation in developing business and building competitive advantage. These training sessions will discuss the dynamics of innovation in the industry, explore how different organizations stimulate innovation, analyze the best practices of the global promotion of innovation and discuss how innovation should be encouraged in the company.

                  Training topics:

                  • What is innovation? Innovations of services, processes and business models: how do they differ and what they convey. What is strategic innovation? Strategic Innovation is a source of competitive advantage. Changing the rules of industry – discontinuous innovation.
                  • How do organizations promote innovation? We will discuss the investigation into innovation capacity of Lithuanian organizations. Also we will provide an overview of international practices how organizations manage and promote innovation.
                  • Business case discussion: innovation management analysis.
                  • Workplace discussion. We will discuss how innovation is managed in the organization and what methods of promoting innovation in the organization would be most effective in the future.

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                      Team building

                      We offer four thematic workshops for you to choose with the main goal – to strengthen the team, enable participants to experience exciting moments and at the same to spend time in a meaningful way.

                      Charismatic duo of workshop hosts creates a welcoming, dynamic and intriguing environment. As training professionals, these hosts can unite participants, divide their attention to everyone, while at the same time engaging and inspiring them by their lively demeanor.

                      The best time for your team!

                      “Theatre of senses”

                      It is an extremely interactive and involving theatrical workshop, embracing all the senses: touch, smell, taste, hearing and motion. Performance “viewer” is plunged blindfolded into the trip created by his or her teammates in the forest on a summer evening, on crunching sand by the sea or in the fragrant meadow at night. The theatre of senses – it‘s an amazing experiential gift to colleagues.

                      Team members create a remarkable theater of senses for each other in the pleasant summer environment. Participants themselves create an entertaining story – theatre scenario that is offered to their colleagues by means of the senses. This workshop is a journey through the tales of horror, adventure and magic, created by the participants themselves, which are born in the imagination of each participant. The participant goes on an extraordinary journey and can rely only on his teammates…!

                      This workshop develops team creativity, communication and collaboration skills, enhances team culture and unity. And most importantly, afterwards participants will take with them unforgettable and unique memories!

                      “Georgian village”

                      In the scenic Georgian mountain atmosphere, a beautiful corner of nature, meet two Georgian villages. Non-verbal language, gestures, movement, Georgian-abracadabra speech and vivid emotions are used to demonstrate that the village has successfully preserved the most authentic traditions, that it grows and produces the best products. After the skirmish between winemakers, sheep and goat farmers, potters, village elders and accountants, Georgian improvisation, emotional negotiations and the elections of the best Georgian village are followed by the mutually beneficial agreement, which is strengthened by Georgian revelry, wine and a surprise baked on a fire..!

                      Surrounded by nature, workshop participants will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, the power of improvisation, using non-verbal language – expression, gesture, movement – improve communication and negotiation skills, learn to read the other person’s body language. This event develops team creativity, communication and collaboration skills, enhances culture and unity of a team.

                      “Our team as a…”

                      What would be a team like if it was a plant? A song? A dance? An animal? Pleasant improvisation, quests, tasks performed in a lively nature in summer. During the workshop individual and team assignments, gaga dance, dance&express exercises, weight-flow technique in the water and other physical activity challenges will cause participants to relax, “load” with positive energy, will help to get to know themselves and see their colleagues in a new light.

                      This workshop is intended for the teams still in a building phase. In it participants overcome their lack of confidence in themselves and their team by indulging in physical activities, learning theatrical, dance and stage movement means. In this way they get to know each other better, identify strengths and values of a team, and decide on internal rules and policies.

                      After the workshop participants leave in good spirits, feeling a bit tired, but having spent time in a meaningful way, and most importantly – they feel a sense of closeness with colleagues: “our team has become different“.

                      “Primitive-modern community”

                      Time travel workshop for the whole team. By discovering primitive community we travel to the totemic culture. We shift to a matriarchal and nomadic system, testing peculiarities of these cultures and, of course, each other.

                      In the activities of internal communication, collaboration and role-sharing we get to know ourselves better and strengthen the team by revealing its key characteristics, symbols, ideas, heroes and values.
                      It is a team-building workshop in which participants use their personal qualities and social skills to tackle the tasks, emergencies and conflicts, which in its turn unifies the team and increases confidence in each other.

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