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Why we dislike success gurus?
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Sales manager (till June 18, 2018)

HR partner, Vilnius (till June 7, 2018)

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HR partner

We are looking for a new team member - HR partner


  • great corporate culture;
  • team of professionals who share valuable experience and practice;
  • opportunities of personal development: seminars, training, books;
  • interesting, full of challenges and very dynamic work;
  • competitive salary depending on results.


  • meetings with clients in order to specify recruitment needs;
  • active search for candidates on social and professional websites;
  • conducting interview with candidates;
  • detailed evaluation of candidates;
  • searching of candidates using  the "head hunting" method;
  • consulting organization for human resource issues;
  • conducting HR research inside different companies;
  • initiating different researches related to HR.


  • university degree in HR or psychology;
  • experience in HR, recruitment;
  • theoretical knowledge related to HR, organizational structures, personnel management;
  • perfect communication skills;
  • analytical thinking and attentiveness to details;
  • inner motivation and orientation to results;
  • perfect time management skills;
  • fluent English.

Please send

Your CV with a reference "HR Partner" to till June 7, 2018.

Contact information

Elena Čiarbaitė
Telefonas: +370 5 210 7 027
Adresas: Kęstučio g. 47, 08124 Vilnius

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