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Alisa Miniotaitė: How can a manager relieve piled-up fatigue?


In many countries, the mood is not the best at the moment. Not only Lithuanians but also neighbors – Latvians, Estonians, Poles – complain about the growing dissatisfaction. Colleagues also report an increase in the number of negative comments in these countries.

On the one hand, one would think that the threat of COVID should unite and force to focus on serious work rather than on conflicts on social media networks, but on the other hand, the chaos of conflicts shows that there are no serious threats.

The fatigue has piled up. We are lacking any good news and hope. Unfulfilled promises are made, and quarantine is being extended again and again contributes to the ongoing sorrow.

Difficulties and dissatisfaction are also stockpiling in companies. Admittedly, not everyone is dissatisfied with work from home. Some people have adapted well, enjoying a lighter workload, the opportunity to go for a day walk or do other household chores.

The most difficult is for those who have children: food cooking, helping with children’s education, reconciling the interests of family members, sharing computers and rooms. These are only technical worries, the real problem is a psychological burden. Seeing the depreciating socialization of children, isolation, bent back sitting by the computer, one can not remain unconcerned. Perhaps the biggest burden today is on mothers and fathers raising their children alone.

Lonely people also complain about working from home. For them, loneliness can be unbearably difficult.

Therefore, companies and organizations can and must contribute to solving the situation by creating some good news.

What can be good news for companies‘ employees?

  • An additional bonus, even a symbolic one.
  • Gift voucher for a massage, especially for tired employees.
  • Remote party. If you haven’t tried this format yet, it’s worth a try. For many people, the word “remote” makes people sick, but if that word is accompanied by a snack pack and a drink, it might not be so bad.
  • A trip that is planned for the summer.
  • A day off, granted as a small surprise.

It is important to observe if the leader himself is not the source of the negativity. Without a doubt, people take the energy away from the manager. However, that is the work of the manager – to shine and inspire. It is possible to shine with reservation, shine while staying in focus.

How does another negative day start in a (virtual) office? Complaints and conversations about a difficult routine. Someone is sharing a bitter experience, another is complaining, a third is replicating and the train is running – we are the unhappy, tired passengers in it. The manager has to be self-aware: could it be that the manager starts the moan engine himself? People have to talk, sometimes even complain, but it can’t be a morning conversation. Maybe people need the help of a psychologist? Companies are more often hiring a psychologist with whom employees can openly talk about their concerns.

We understand that the tension of COVID will continue for some time, even until the end of the year, when the majority of the public will be vaccinated. Employee satisfaction and motivation fluctuate worldwide due to the circumstances of COVID. According to research, the best way to keep employees motivated is to ensure a sense of security, the boundaries between work and personal life (today these boundaries are blurring), and to communicate. What can we talk about? Upcoming plans, the goal we are focusing on, the challenges we are facing, and how do I, as a leader, can help you. The latter issue seems to be unreasonably forgotten.

Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė is a management and leadership expert, founder of UAB ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY, ISM University of Management and Economics, Leadership Program Manager

Commentary is published in the news radio show “Leader’s Dilemma” and news page 15min.lt

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