Lyderio Dilema: Tau, brangus kolega, turėsiu laiko po mėnesio
Leader’s Dilemma: For You, Dear Colleague, I Will Have Time After A Month
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ICC Coaching Training

Employee Performance Evaluation

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Employee Performance Evaluation

2021 11 30
Vilnius, Lithuania*

You will learn:

  • to properly prepare and conduct evaluation interviews;
  • empower employees and increase involvement in the organization;
  • set personal goals for growth and development;
  • purposefully achieve the goals of the organization, the joint efforts of all teams;
  • strengthen communication with employees.

After training

You will be able to apply effective principles of employee performance assessment, properly prepare and conduct appraisal interviews, understand their benefits, properly empower employees to achieve personal and organizational goals. After training, you will build stronger relationships with the employees based on mutual trust.

Training lecturer


Dr. Alisa Miniotaitė

Founder of ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY, operating in the Baltic States and Scandinavia; Head of the Leadership Module at ISM University of Management and Economics; certified ICC coaching trainer for the Baltics, member of the Academy of Management and the International Leadership Association; completed internships at Universities in Denmark, Norway and the USA. Alisa’s research and professional interests include leadership and leadership, organizational behavior. Alisa hosts the news radio show "Leader's Dilemma" for managers and leader, writes weekly comments for the news portal For more than 15 years, Alisa has been consulting Lithuanian and foreign companies, leading trainings for their employees.

Training cost

  • 129 Eur without VAT

The price of the training includes: 4 hours training, material for the participant, coffee breaks, work tools.

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