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What Signs Indicate That The Employee Is About To Leave The Job


The news that the employee is planning to leave the company, managers meet as if they are seeing snow in the middle of summer. A career change is usually not an impulsive decision. The employee always sends warning signs, the manager just needs to see it and evaluate them properly.

The reasons why an employee decides to change the company can range from personal life changes to new career opportunities. Experts point out that the main reasons for a specialist to close the office door are in the organization itself, more precisely, the work culture of the company, the manager’s attitude towards subordinates, what professional growth and career opportunities it can offer, and so on.

Signs do tell

Alisa Miniotaitė, founder and head of UAB Alisa Management Laboratory, a human resource management company, says that there are several signs of an employee’s career change. The manager should note that the employee is no longer so open, sincere; seems to be hiding something; there are more and more things that the employee no longer likes: working hours, workload, salary, nature of work. “When speaking, an employee cites another employer as a better option, for example, another company has already established a free work schedule. The employee is no longer happy with the current work, organization – the grass is always greener on the other side” – Miniotaitė concludes.

 Signs indicating that the employee is looking for another job:

  • the employee updates the LinkedIn profile, changes the photo;
  • the manager sees that the employee is no longer open, sincere;
  • more and more things the employee is unsatisfied with, for example: working hours, workload, salary, nature of work;
  • when speaking, the employee always mentions another employer as a better case, for example: another company has already established a free work schedule;
  • the employee is no longer happy with the work in the current company – the grass behind the fence is already greener for him;
  • During work, the employee goes out somewhere and has a longer lunch.

According to A. Miniotaitė, when the manager finds out about the employee’s intentions, it is not worth pretending that nothing is happening. On the contrary, it is better to talk openly with the employee and find out the reasons for the decision.

During the interview, it is recommended to ask how the employee feels at work, what he likes at work, and what he would like to change, how he envisions a future career, how the current company could help him improve, what position he would like if he stayed in the company.

“It would seem that the employer must be vigilant, follow how the employees live. Of course, an open view is important, it must not become suspicion, a constant concern. The manager cannot control all employees and the future. It is normal for an employee to start looking for new career opportunities in a few years. The average length of employment worldwide is shortening. Therefore, it is important to be able to come to terms with that, to say goodbye honourably and to maintain wellbeing in the company – so that a newcomer can easily join in,” concludes A. Miniotaitė.

Can be managed

The career counselling website emphasizes that controlling employee turnover is easier when managers are constantly trying to feel the rhythm of the team. Are employees involved in the activity? Do workers see the meaning behind their daily work? Does the manager provide regular feedback to the employee?

According to Life Works, a US human resource management consulting firm, 76% of employees who felt underestimated, admitted to actively look for a new job.

A survey by US business management solution company Businessolver, found that 92% of employees would be inclined to stay in their current job if the manager showed more empathy and understanding. A survey of 82% of professionals indicated that their loyalty to the company would be higher and that they would be less likely to look for another job if working conditions in the current company were more flexible, according to a survey by the US hiring company FlexJobs.

Labour market research shows that changing an employee costs the company on average about 6-9 employee salaries.



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