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Conflict Management


Conflict management

2020 11 19, VILNIUS

You will learn:

  • the nature, the concept, the elements of the conflict;
  • the consequences of unresolved conflicts for the individual and the organization;
  • what causes conflicts, how to identify your "hotspots";
  • how to recognize and respond appropriately to conflicts before they become a problem;
  • constructive steps to resolve the conflict;
  • emotion management strategies;
  • personal conflict resolution plan.

After training

You will be able to apply effective conflict resolution techniques, identify and prevent the negative consequences of conflicts for both the individual and the organization. You will learn how to turn conflict into a useful force for growth and development, be able to identify and manage the factors that cause conflict, and make the best decisions calmly. Conflict resolution skills will help to create a positive atmosphere based on satisfaction and effective communication, it will be easier to achieve the set goals, to create positive emotions in the environment around you.

Who is it for?

Training is for those for whom conflicts are a well-known part of life. This training is focused on individuals, who want to know about conflicts, the causes of conflict, to better understand their own and others' feelings, to get familiar with conflict resolution methods and practical advice on how to deal with conflict situations, and to steer them in a direction that benefits you.




Trainer and lecturer specializing in sales, team motivation and hosting team events. Simonas is certified ICC Coach. He has 15 years of experience in sales execution, organization and management in the US, European and CIS regions. After finishing his studies in the US (George Mason University), he continued them in the ISM University of Management and Economics where he got master‘s degree in international economics and management. Simonas professional areas of specialization: corporate sales, individual sales and the art of negotiation.

The cost of training 

  • 69 Eur without VAT.

By registering until 2020 October 11th - 59 Eur without VAT. 

The price of the training includes the tools needed for the seminar, coffee breaks, feedback. 

When and where

  • 15:00 - 18:00
  • ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY premises, A. Goštauto str. 40B, Vilnius

Register roday!

More information by e-mail
or phone number +370 667 70333.

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