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Coaching ABC

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Coaching ABC

Coaching for beginners - an individual, empowering three-hour course for you. In this personalized program, you will be introduced to coaching, try out the main tools, experience its benefits and decide what to do next. The program includes three individual coaching lessons, in which theory is combined with practice, useful tasks are performed, and the coaching method is tested.

You will learn:

  • What is coaching and how it works;
  • To ask yourself and others good, powerful questions;

  • To apply self-assessment tools;

  • The Rules for formulating enabling goals;

  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience;

  • Coaching Ethics and the Art of Listening;

  • Methodologies for developing new habits.

Training benefits:

  • Inspiration and willingness to look at everyday challenges differently;
  • Main coaching application tools;
  • Motivation to achieve goals;
  • Greater satisfaction with personal and professional life.



Alisa is a member of Academy of Management and International Leadership Association, lecturer in the ISM University of Management and Economics, has done internship in Danish, Norwegian and US universities. Alisa‘s area of research and professional interests is management and leadership, organizational behavior and personal effectiveness. More than 10 years Alisa consults Lithuanian and foreign companies, provides training for their employees, she is a certified international coach, one of the forty ICC coaching trainers in the world who have the right to teach and certify coaches. Alisa takes interest in art, she is a passionate skier, mother of 5 children, volunteers as a tutor of young leaders in educational organizations.



Ieva Kovalenoka is a coach having a background in psychology and HR management. Over a decade of working in HR within corporate environments, Ieva has been dedicated most to employee relations, personnel development and organisation psychology. Ieva believes that there is always something to learn from every experience. She chooses to learn through a variety of methods from listening to podcasts and reading, through to attending courses and even through participating in seemingly random conversations. She is engaged with different techniques and methods which she is applying into her own life and is eager to share with others. Ieva has great sense of humour, positive approach towards life, tolerance and natural gift to inspire others. “The best time for doing is now” - this is a motto of Ieva.

Training Cost

Individual coaching beginner

  • 240 Eur without VAT
  • Includes: 3 individual coaching lessons

Individual coaching beginner and two-module International ICC coaching training.

  • 1600 Eur without VAT
  • Included: 3 individual coaching lessons and International ICC coaching training in a selected training group.


Who is it for?

Coaching for beginners is designed for all individuals, who want to become familiar with the coaching method, to understand main coaching principles. This training is for professionals who want to increase their internal resources, awareness, responsibility and motivation.


More information by e-mail
or phone numbers +371 24 203 300.

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