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Alisa Miniotaitė: I Do Not Want To Become A Better Version Of Myself

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After work, in the evening in the supermarket loading goods from the shelves to the cart, I listen to the delivery from one private school through headphones. “Our specialists will help your child become the best version of himself”, says the representative of interested parents during the remote lecture.

I feel overwhelmed and frustrated. That tummy-tipped pattern is an attitude towards a person. Sometimes we take over from the West and apply with ambition, not the coolest fashions and ideas.

“Become your best version” offers to see personality as a product that can be improved, or more precisely – NECESSARY. Of course, the industry is interesting: consulting, training, development in various fields, publishing, etc. Without the need to improve, some suppliers would have nothing to do on this land.

How will my child be made a better version? I don’t even want to imagine this.

Let’s talk about adults better. It turns out there are certain areas where we can “upgrade” ourselves: body, mind, emotional and spiritual, relationships, wealth, career and reputation. What’s more, you’ll have to lay down money as well, not just time.

What is the meaning? What about making us a better version of ours? Or maybe it is important that we are constantly dissatisfied with what we have.

A satisfied person is poorly controlled, I do not manipulate easily, there is little to offer.

So what do human update specialists recommend?

It turns out the first step to a better self is to say goodbye to the old version of yourself. Well, if the determination to change is serious, maybe you really need to get rid of, melt away your previous self.

Next: let’s create our own design. Is the user interface (probably the face here) attractive and enjoyable for others to use? And how about our profile on social networks? Is the product comprehensive and properly represented? I look in the mirror – maybe someone would suggest plucking my lips.

Wondering how many years it is appropriate to have the same version? …

I looked around the people on the street. Everyone is different. That uncut shaved guy with a hood probably hasn’t crossed version 1.0 yet, and that’s where the department head is already version 23.0.

It seems that the meaning of a lifetime is to strive for perfection, a better variant of personality. May die peacefully when you reach version 50.0. I try to imagine if it would make me happy before death.

But there are also warnings: don’t let the anxiety caused by COVID19 get you back to the previous version!

What is the opposite of migrating to a newer version? ADMISSION. Self, another. The worst thing, of course, is when the wife decides to make a better version out of the husband. There is vice versa.

If I sometimes don’t answer the call or get to know you on the street, the system may be rebooting – I’m migrating from version 2.0 to version 3.0.

And let’s help children enjoy life, enjoy learning, gain knowledge, and grow.


Dr Alisa Miniotaitė is a management and leadership expert, founder of UAB Alisa Management Laboratory, ISM University of Management and Economics, Leadership Program Manager

The commentary was published in the news radio show “Leader’s Dilemma” and on the portal

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